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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I let the school know about medical and hospital appointments?

If the appointment really can’t be organised outside of school hours then you’ll need to inform the school office via email. The letter should state the date, time and type of appointment e.g. doctors, hospital etc. if possible, you should include a copy of the actual appointment letter as well.


How will the school let me know if it is closed due to snow (or other unforeseen circumstances)?

Whilst the school is determined to always stay open, severe inclement weather such as snow can mean that it isn’t safe for children to be in school. On these rare occasions the school uses the website, Parentmail, local radio and direct text to all those with a registered mobile number.


What should I do if my child is unwell and unable to go to school?

Please phone the school office before 9.30am, otherwise the school office team will call you once the register highlights your child’s absence.


Will the school administer medicine to my child?

If a doctor has prescribed the medicine for your child that has to be taken four times a day, the school office team will give it to your child. Please ensure the medicine is clearly labelled with your child’s name and you have completed a medicine form (available from the school office). Medicines must be handed to the office team by an adult.


Will I have to pay for School Dinners?

Under the Government’s Universal Free School Meals Scheme, all children at Shere can receive a free school meal. These are cooked on site and are very popular with the children.


What about School Trips?

School asks that all children go on trips, as they contribute to the child’s learning on current or future topics. Make sure you sign the online consent and specific consents for trips further afield, without your consent your child will not be able to go on trips with their class.


How to leave correspondence

The office is inundated daily with letters and reply slips. Always put correspondence in an envelope with your child’s name, class and what it is you are sending in so that it will quickly be given to the correct person. We have a secure postbox outside the office door.


What should I expect at Parents’ Evenings?

Parents’ evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring Term with afternoon and evening appointments on a first come first served basis. You will be able to look at your child’s books and have a ten minute slot with the teacher. It’s a chance to listen to the teacher and find out about your child’s progress and next steps. It is also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Never be afraid to ask if you want to know something – if you want to know chances are so do other parents.

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