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Shere Open Gardens is on Sunday 30th June 2-6pm.
Volunteers and cakes needed for the afternoon tea in the Village Hall.

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Who’s Who

“A dedicated team of staff work well together and, as a result, pupils continue to make good progress throughout the school.”

– Ofsted 2015

Victoria Voller


Mrs Voller is really kind. She thinks of better things to make our school happy and respectful. She has to talk to the teachers and listen to them and make decisions. She plays crazy music in assembly.

William and Florence – 6 years old


Emma Toone

Year Two Class Teacher

She is nice and very funny. She is super kind. Mrs Toone is a really good teacher because she always listens to us. We like her because she is nice and gives lovely cuddles.

Darcie age 5 and Joseph age 6

Ingrid Bailey

Year Two Class Teacher

Miss Bailey is usually happy but if you are naughty she can be quite spikey. She laughs all the time. When we are really good we get a TCM, this is a treasure chest moment. We get to pick a prize from the lucky dip.

Freddie and Sanaya – age 7

Yvette Webb

Year One Class Teacher

Mrs Webb is always kind. She’s good at teaching us singing. When she sings she sounds perfect. She’s got hair!

Joel and Oscar age 6

Mrs Webb is currently on secondment to Clandon Primary, our sister school.

Kezia Matthews

Year One Class Teacher

She is very nice and she’s good at telling people what to do. Her hair is dark dark brown and she’s got a smiley face.

Beth and Cece – age 4

Cathy Hollis

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Hollis is really nice. We have reading sessions with her and they are really exciting. She has blonde hair and it’s quite long. She is very smiley. If you’re sad she’s always there.

Angela Brimicombe

Reception Class Teacher

Lisa Brooks-Mathews

Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Leader

Mrs Brooks-Mathews is helpful. She always helps people do their work if they have forgotten how to do it. Her writing is really small and beautiful. She is nice and kind if you’re sad, she will check you are alright and she can cheer you up.

Kaci age 6 and Charlie age 5

Nicky Westbrook

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Westbrook is a good person and she reads very good stories. Mrs Westbrook is very kind and gentle.

David and Freddie – age 4

Sarah Norris

ICT Technician

Mrs Norris is very clever and sensible. She can use the computers really well and is a good teacher. Mrs Norris is always calm and smiley.

Summer and Mia – age 6

Carolyn Clarke

Teaching Assistant

Niamh Podd

Learning Support Assistant

Emma De Vos

Learning Support Assistant

Deborah Young

Learning Support Assistant

Lisa Ward

Learning Support Assistant

Kerry Jupp

School Bursar

Mrs Jupp looks after all the pennies. She is very friendly and when we take the register back she says thank you – so she’s also very polite.

Evie 6 and Kaila 5

Vicky Lednor

School Receptionist

Bernie Cook


Mr Cook is very helpful, because he cleans up our playground for us. He wears a hat because sometimes in the mornings it might be cold or it could just be decoration for him.

Noah 6 and Charlie 5

Alison Lagar

Early Years Practitioner

Sophie Silvester

Early Years Assistant

Currently on maternity leave

Vicky Parker

Early Years Assistant

Niamh Podd

Early Years Assistant

Jodie Hammond

Early Years Assistant & Breakfast Club Assistant

Laura Standing

School Cook

She makes the best dinners and good puddings. She makes healthy cooked dinners. 100%

Dylan age 6, Oliver age 7

Liz Luck

Catering Assistant

She is lovely and does the best tidying, she helps the cook.

Gabe aged 6, Alfie age 5