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Curriculum Philosophy

Since September 2015 we have worked incredibly hard to develop our cutting edge curriculum model that brings learning to life and has seen our pupils achieve the highest academic outcomes.

As we embarked on our curriculum journey we asked the following questions:

What are the aims and values of our school?

We agreed the following key statements:

  • Meaningful learning that is lively, playful and collaborative.
  • A curriculum that offers choice and challenge.
  • A nurturing school that promotes spirituality and wellbeing.
  • We believe that good curriculum design hinges on a balance of the following themes. Each building block is of equal importance and ensures the growth of successful learners.


What do the backgrounds of our children suggest we need to teach more of?

We agreed that we needed to include more of the following in our curriculum:

  • Awe and Wonder
  • Global Culture and Diversity
  • Problem Solving and Independence
  • Challenge
  • Values and Reflection
  • Physicality and Outdoor Learning.

What traits do we want our pupils to display?

We want our pupils to learn with:

  • Curiosity
  • Imagination
  • Resilience
  • Cooperation
  • Motivation
  • Creativity

What is in the context of our School?

We are lucky to have:

  • Amazing children
  • Brilliant teachers and teaching assistants
  • A stunning village location
  • Awe inspiring views
  • A warm and welcoming church
  • A rich history full of stories
  • Successful businesses
  • A child-friendly museum
  • Woodland to explore
  • Fields to run in
  • Streams to splash in
  • A skilled and generous community

Curriculum Drivers:

This process helped us to identify three curriculum drivers. These drivers underpin and inform every aspect of our curriculum and give our school a unique personality.

Our drivers are:

  • Independence and Resourcefulness
  • Playfulness and Curiosity
  • Spiritual Reflectiveness and Wellbeing

Good Curriculum Design hinges on a balance of the following themes. Each building block is of equal importance and ensures our curriculum enables the growth of successful learners.


The absorption of information.

The national curriculum identifies a body of knowledge that children must learn during Key Stage One. At Shere we teach this knowledge in a fun and memorable way.


The application of knowledge.

We believe skills are as important as knowledge. Skills can enable you to learn whatever you want or need in the most effective way. Our curriculum identifies progressive skills development to ensure our children become lifelong learners.


The ability to take and knowledge and skills and make real meaning from them.

We ensure that our children have plentiful opportunities to apply their skills through hands-on approaches. This makes their learning relevant and real.