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Our remote learning offer is designed to meet the diverse needs of our children at Shere and Clandon Schools. It is based on effective research into remote learning strategies and incorporates those that work best for young children and makes best use of the resources available to our small schools.

We define remote learning as a broad term encompassing any learning that takes place outside of the classroom, with the teacher is not present in the same location.

Our remote learning plan will go into operation in the event that a class (bubble), or the whole school has to close to all or some pupils as a result of advice from Public Health England or because of a local or national lockdown.

Our aim is to offer a high-quality learning experience across a broad curriculum for all children.

We understand that children will require adult support in accessing and engaging with learning when they are at home. Therefore, we have designed an offer that we hope will allow families flexibility to engage with learning alongside their other commitments.

For details, please click on the link below.

Shere and Clandon Remote Learning

Please note that where an online session is hosted by one adult with a class or small group of children the session will be recorded. The school will retain these recordings until the end of this academic year.