our vision & values


Shere – A School Not Like Other Schools

At Shere School we are proudly not like other schools. Our little school is an inclusive, industrious and inventive learning community that goes beyond schooling to provide an adaptive and holistic education based on the creation of knowledge, personal understanding and meaning.

We value every child as a competent and unique individual, infinitely curious and full of potential. We nurture every child as they follow their own learning journey, ensuring that we listen to their voice and put their needs at the heart of every decision.

Research suggests that learning communities such as ours promote holistic learning; children in such settings out-perform their peers academically and thrive socially.  

The Natural Pedagogies  

Academic excellence combined with personal growth

We’re proud to offer a truly unique education. Our pupils excel academically as they grow through our innovative pedagogies of play, nature, games, dialogue, storytelling and the arts.

Every Kind of Role Model 

A nurturing community of parents and teachers

Our school is bursting with talented teachers who work closely with parents to help our pupils thrive. With us, your child will be part of a diverse community containing new friends and exceptional role models.

Space to Grow 

Green areas and indoor environments for everyone.

Naturally, our school environments reflect our curriculum. From bustling classrooms to nurturing nooks, quiet spaces and restful gardens, there are spaces for everyone to grow. Our wonderful Forest School programme and The Wilderness at Clandon Park offer bigger and wilder spaces with the freedom to explore.

A Sense of Community  

Helping our pupils live well together

We’re based in the very the heart of Shere and we’re much loved by villagers and visitors alike. Through our role in the village, we teach children the importance of living well together, promoting kindness, friendship and community. We hope all the families who send their children to our school share in these values.


Children are valued as individuals and flourish as a result of the Christian vision of the school. Teachers translate this into routines, creating a calm, welcoming atmosphere that enables children to thrive.

Helen Crolla (SIAMS Inspector October 2023)