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Mother Nature’s Classroom

There is convincing research that suggests that good quality learning outside the classroom adds significant value to children’s learning. The outdoors is a complete learning environment that caters for all children’s needs – cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical. At Newlands schools the outside world is available every day so that children have space, freedom, time and fresh air to work on their current interests.

At Shere, we believe that children have a natural affinity with nature and that this connection is instrumental in helping them meet developmental milestones. We  use the outdoors to teach our children important life skills, a deep respect for the natural environment and the promotion of their physical and mental health.

We ensure that children at Shere engage with the natural world, the woodlands, the meadow and the stream and the ocean on a regular basis. They observe the great outdoors in all weathers and in all seasons.

In the Early Years

Children have free flow access to an engaging and enabling outdoor space. Practitioners value this environment as fully as the indoor space and ensure it is used to its full potential to engage and enthuse little learners. Weather does not inhibit access to this space which is accessible throughout the year.

In Year One & Two

Our Hedgehogs & Owls enjoy a full day fortnightly at our Forest School; the Wilderness at Clandon Park. Practitioners also actively ensure that they consider the potential of the outdoor environment when planning all units of learning. Subjects such as science and geography lend themselves to an outdoor learning environment and much of the activity in these areas will be outside. Children also have daily access to the outside at break times and lunchtimes. Lunchtime practitioners will facilitate exciting and meaningful play opportunities so that these ‘breaks’ are enjoyable and engaging for all children.

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Children deserve to grow and learn in a place and alongside a force that is as wild, and alive as they are.

Nicolette Sowder (Creator of Wildschooling)