Hedgehogs and Owls  

Key Stage One is made up of our Year One Class – Hedgehogs, and our Year Two Class, the very wise Owls. During their time in Key Stage One our children build on their foundational learning in the Early Years Village as they holistically into knowledgeable, confident, and competent young people.  

Our children continue to have access to their own bespoke learning environments, both inside and outside, designed to nurture curiosity and reflect natural child development. 

Hedgehogs Class – Year One 

In Year One, extended child-initiated play, coupled with the provision of teacher initiated direct instruction through individual and group work are the main vehicles for learning. Continuous provision and an enabling environment provide the backdrop for this learning. Playful exploration and sustained shared thinking will be used to facilitate learning through child centred topics. 

Owls Class – Year Two 

In Year Two, children learn through thematic study. This method allows children to make connections between subjects, skills, and knowledge.  They love learning, and enjoy questioning, listening, and responding across a range of subjects. Through their thematic work children learn subject specific skills and knowledge; they apply these using a multidisciplinary approach to a range of big questions and problems.

Throughout Key Stage One we continue to focus on meeting children emotionally, physically and intellectually, where they are.  


“I love my school. I love my teachers and I think they love me.”

Lily (Pupil, Owls Class)