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Shere Open Gardens is on Sunday 30th June 2-6pm.
Volunteers and cakes needed for the afternoon tea in the Village Hall.

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Who are we?

There are twelve governors of the school who are appointed on the basis of skills they can bring.  Our governing board consists of:

  • 2 Staff Governors.  Our Head teacher plus one member of staff elected by his or her colleagues
  • 1 appointed Local Authority Governor.  This governor is appointed by the local Surrey Councillor
  • 2 Parent Governors.  Parent Governors are themselves parents of attending children and are elected by parents of children attending the school at the time of the election
  • 1 ex-officio appointment.  This is the Principal Officiating Minister of the Joint Benefice of Shere, Albury and Chilworth.
  • 6 Foundation Governors appointed to uphold the Christian ethos of our school; 3 of these governors are appointed by the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Shere (PCC) and 3 are appointed by the Guildford Diocesan Board of Education.

Except for the ex-officio, Head teacher and staff governor, all appointments are for four years.  The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.


Mrs Marsha Walton, Chair of Governing Body:

  • Appointed as a Foundation Diocesan Governor in October 2013
  • Member of all three main committees
  • Additional responsibilities include Head teacher performance management, child protection, admissions
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 5 of 5 Safeguarding Committee meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 5 of 5 Finance & Resources Committee meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 Children and Learning Committee meetings
  • Other Governance roles: Management Committee, Shere Museum
  • Registered business and vested interests: none

“I lived in the Parish for some eleven years when my children were small, then moved away and now I’m back, living in Gomshall. Ben and Hannah both attended Shere School and now think, some 30 years later, that it was a privileged start to their formal education. I certainly think so too: I was delighted to be asked to be a governor.

I’ve spent a good deal of my working life in primary education as a qualified teacher and have seen many changes come and go, which I hope gives me a somewhat balanced view of things now. I have a real interest in children’s early education, have run a pre-school group, and hold an additional qualification in Early Years Education. Two headships of infant schools followed in due course and then a period working for OfSTED, inspecting schools all over the country.

I’m married to John, an architect, now retired, which means I don’t get to choose the colours on the walls very often but the garden is left to me – something I very much enjoy. I’m also an avid reader, enjoy art, local history (I volunteer at Shere Museum), cooking, and we both enjoy music. We also share an interest in Italy, a place we visit regularly. We have six grown up children between us and eight grandchildren.”

Vice Chair Mr Martin Edser:       

  • Appointed Foundation Governor in December 2015
  • Member of the Safeguarding, Health, Safety and Security Committee (Chairman)
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 3 of 3 Committee meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 0 of 1 Sub-Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests – none

“Having recently retired from thirty years’ service in the police, I am now keen to give time and effort to my local community. I welcome the opportunity to contribute as a Foundation Governor and use the skills I have acquired during my varied career. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a governor and have been impressed with the school’s achievements.

My wife, Cathryn, and I have only lived in the village for a few years but my family history research shows that I have far deeper roots in the parish of Shere.

I have three grown up children (and now a first grandchild) who are doing well in their respective careers having progressed through different educational paths. In fact, I am now doing a little work with one of them – we are still deciding who is the boss!

I love Scuba diving and am a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diving Trainer regularly teaching new divers. I enjoy photography above and underwater and am a regular Nordic walker in the Surrey Hills.”

Mr Edward Callaghan:

  • Appointed Foundation Governor, October 2016 (previously an Associate)
  • Member of the Resource Committee
  • Attendance 2017-18: 3 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 3 of 3 Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests: none

“I am a fully qualified Primary school teacher who left the profession in 1997 to work in the commercial sector.

I am the IT Director for an Air Conditioning distribution company in Guildford following a stint at ACS International School in Cobham. I also run Generally Mac, offering Mac/iOS IT consultancy and web design/development.

My wife, Sarah, is an infant teacher and we have two children, Tilly & Harry both of whom are previous pupils and loved their time at Shere School.

We have lived in Gomshall for over 10 years and are actively involved in the Church, School and community. I enjoy working with the Governing Body and the PTA in such a thriving local school that has and continues to serve the as parents, so very well.”

Dr Jenni Colbourne:

  • Appointed Foundation Governor December 2016
  • Member of Children and Learning Committee
  • Chair of Resources and Finance Committee and Member of Children and Learning Committee
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 5 of 6 Committee meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 Sub-Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests: none
  • Chair of Surrey County Amateur Swimming Association
  • Treasurer of the Hampshire and South Coast Swimming League.

“I first lived in Shere when I was an undergraduate microbiology student at the then new University of Surrey. I rather think that I gained early management experience here putting on large concerts for the student union, booking bands for concerts such as the Who and Fleetwood Mac! After many years in Guildford I returned to Shere 6 years ago, followed a year later by my daughter Kate and grand-daughter Ella, born and christened here 2 years ago. We have a strong family interest in the future wellbeing of Shere and its school. I have spent 40 years in the water industry, operating water supplies in London and overseas for Thames Water. Latterly I have worked in a government role as The Regulator for drinking water. Drawing on knowledge of such large organisations and how they work, together with skills gained from 30 years in a volunteering role in the sport of swimming in Surrey, I hope I bring a broad perspective to the role of governor.”

Mr Amos Hill:

  • Appointed Foundation Governor, December 2016
  • Member of Resources Committee
  • Additional responsibilities: Capital and building maintenance projects
  • Attendance 2017-18: 3 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 2 of 3 Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests: none

“I’m not a lawyer or head of the IMF but I’ve been working since I was 16. I firmly believe you never stop learning and after 28 years in my industry I still undergo, and deliver, training.

Over the years, I’ve worked in a variety of roles and have managed teams of contractors to deliver multi-million pound events in a matter of weeks, so planning is always key – so is reaction when necessary! For the last 15 years, I have worked (now from home) for a large international company as an accounts manager. Sourcing products and services, providing best value for money and negotiating good deals (which I enjoy) are my bread and butter. I have an in-depth knowledge of the construction world, security, fire safety as well as legislation around building control and the disabilities act (formerly DDA) and of course, our old friend health and safety. I negotiate contracts on projects as diverse as the construction of a new classroom for a primary school, the security and life safety systems within a new college, or a large tourist attraction. I like negotiating!

I have a daughter left at the school, the other having left in July 2017.”

Head Teacher – Mrs Victoria Voller:

  • Appointed as Staff Governor (Head teacher) in September 2015
  • Member of all three main committees
  • Additional responsibilities – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Safeguarding
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 10 of 10 Committee meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 Sub-Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests – none

Mrs Zoe Wood:

  • Appointed as elected Parent Governor in January 2015
  • Member of Children and Learning Committee
  • Additional responsibilities – Governors’ continuing professional development, Headteacher performance management, Pupil outcomes, SEND and Pupil Premium, link with village nursery
  • Attendance 2017-18: 4 of 4 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 3 of 3 Committee meetings
  • Registered business and vested interests: none

“Until January 2015 I worked as an Assistant Headteacher at a large local Secondary School but am now a full-time Mum having decided to spend more time with my two girls – both of whom attend Shere School. I have lived in Gomshall since 2007 with my husband, Simon, and love being part of such a close-knit community. Since becoming a Governor I have taken every opportunity to be involved in our village school. I am in school for at least two mornings a week and spend time helping in every classroom. The children are such a joy to be with and the school has a real buzz about it.”

Mr Paul Bridges:

  • Registered business and vested interests: none

I have been at RGS Guildford for a number of years as Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) and as the Head of Economics, I am currently the Assistant Head (R&D) having recently returned, with my wife and children, from secondment to Qatar where I worked as the Founding Principal of the first RGS Guildford international school. At the end of the year I will be moving to City of London Freemen’s as Deputy Head (Academic).  I am delighted to be able to support Shere Infants as a parent governor and hope that I can help develop and safeguard its future.

  • Appointed as elected Parent Governor in April 2018
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 Committee meetings


Ken Mead:

  • Registered business and vested interests: none

Currently I work from home as a property consultant having had 27 years working as a residential estate agent and previously working in merchant banking and the hotel industry. I have lived in Shere for 20 years but now have a little bit more time to involve myself in the community, hence becoming a governor. I am a trustee of Shere Museum and History Society and sit on a church and cricket club committee. I have also enjoyed assisting corporate fundraising teams in the charitable sector.

I am married to Cathy and I have many hobbies including cricket, cars, boating, wine and travelling.

  • Appointed as elected Diocese Governor in May 2018
  • Member of Finance & Resources Committee
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 full Governing Body meetings
  • Attendance 2017-18: 1 of 1 Committee meetings


Amy Nunn:

  • Registered business and vested interests: none

I grew up locally in Merrow and was delighted to move back to the area a few years ago. My husband Richard and I have now been residents of Gomshall for 5 years.

I am currently a Specialist Teacher with Access to Education (A2E), providing a specialist education provision for children who, for a variety of reasons, are not otherwise able to access education through the mainstream school system. I work closely with the children’s families, schools, SEND, social services and other support providers to best support the needs of the children in the short-term, and to manage their transition back to a school.

Prior to joining A2E I was Primary teacher, with eleven years experience in the classroom in-and-around Surrey. I hope to be able to bring a different perspective to the Governing Body and look forward to supporting such a wonderful school.

Away from education I am a keen swimmer and have recently converted to participating in longer open water events. I love cooking, particularly baking and am always looking for a new travel adventure.

  • Appointed as elected Local Authority Governor in October 2018

The following have all served as governors and stepped down during the last academic year

Name Appointed Date Stepped Down
Mrs Carolina Riofrio Hunt Parent Governor January 2017 September 2017
Mr Alex Case Foundation Governor September 2016 January 2018
Mrs Cathy Mead Local Authority Governor October 2010 July 2018
Mr Nick Whitehead Parish Incumbent March 2010 September 2018