A family learning community

The Early Years Village at Shere School is a family learning community for children aged two to five years. Within our village setting children have access to large, open learning spaces both inside and outside. They engage in high quality direct teaching alongside extended periods of child-initiated play.  

There is nowhere, other than in school, that we segregate our community into individual year groups. In the workplace, families and in communities, people of all ages and stages work together, so why not in school.  

As teachers we know that children do not learn uniformly, so there is no educational advantage to segregated classes, and children miss out on the benefits of mixed age learning.  

Research suggests that learning communities such as ours promote holistic learning; children in such settings out-perform their peers academically and thrive socially.  

A Home from Home  

Without age segregation our setting feels natural and homely. Because our teaching groups match both home and the wider community environment, children are more settled and secure; they are relaxed, confident, willing to take risks and try new things!  

Wonderful Role Models 

Our youngest children are learning so much from their older peers, who they look up to and admire. They are desperate to learn all the amazing skills and knowledge they notice their older friends demonstrating. We have observed rapid improvements in language skills and creativity.  

Children as teachers  

Naturally, our school environments reflect our curriculum. From bustling classrooms to nurturing nooks, quiet spaces and restful gardens, there are spaces for everyone to grow. Our wonderful Forest School programme and The Wilderness at Clandon Park offer bigger and wilder spaces with the freedom to explore.

A family of learners  

We’re based in the very the heart of Shere and we’re much loved by villagers and visitors alike. Through our role in the village, we teach children the importance of living well together, promoting kindness, friendship and community. We hope all the families who send their children to our school share in these values.


“In our village we learn in all our different environments. We do maths and letters, and we are getting very good at them. I love the letters. We are learning about being a good friend and especially about kindness. I love our teachers very much because they are so lovely.”

Eric (Pupil, Foxes Class)