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An ambitious curriculum for all

At Shere we value every child as a unique and highly capable protagonist of their own learning and development. We seek to nurture and develop each child’s natural ability to learn well.

Developing a holistic curriculum is our passion. As a team we frequently discuss what we think children need to know and remember and consider the best ways to deliver and facilitate learning. We are a thinking school and staff here read widely and reflect regularly on what is working well, what could be improved and how.

Good Curriculum Design hinges on a balance of the following themes. Each building block is of equal importance and ensures our curriculum enables the growth of successful learners.


The absorption of information.
The national curriculum identifies a body of knowledge that children must learn during Key Stage One. At Shere we teach this knowledge in a fun and memorable way.


The application of knowledge.
We believe skills are as important as knowledge. Skills can enable you to learn whatever you want or need in the most effective way. Our curriculum identifies progressive skills development to ensure our children become lifelong learners.


The ability to take knowledge and skills and make real meaning from them. We ensure that our children have plentiful opportunities to apply their skills through hands-on approaches. This makes their learning relevant and real.

Progression in knowledge & skills

Our carefully planned curriculum enables children to revisit prior learning, building on what they already know, consolidating and expanding their knowledge and practising and perfecting their skills. Take a look at our progression documents to see for yourselves the learning journey Shere children are taken on from age two through to seven as they move through our Early Years Village and Key Stage One.

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Early reading & phonics

Without a doubt, the lynchpin of successful learning lies in the acquisition of good literacy skills. At Shere we model a love of reading that runs as a thread through everything we do, and we inspire our children to want to read from their earliest days in our nursery. We’ve worked hard to ensure that learning to read is fun and the proof is in the pudding.

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Research driven teaching methodologies

We deliver our curriculum through our natural pedagogies. These are play, dialogue, games, storytelling, and nature. You can find out a bit more about each pedagogy by reading further but in essence, the natural pedagogies are the ways children are developmentally designed to learn and have done for generations. Harnessing this innate ability within each child leads to deep, meaningful learning so that all children know more and remember more.

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The carefully planned curriculum is rich with opportunities for growth.

Helen Crolla (SIAMS, October 2023)